There are ways to uncover the beauty of Bagan, which was once recognized as a world heritage site ( by Unesco) in Burma. The Balloon Over Bagan offers a great chance to float above the spires of the haunting temples and pagoda scattering along the vast plain of Bagan.

The balloon basket provides an excellent platform for photography, with unparalleled  views of the whole Bagan Valley.
The balloon pilots and technicians are qualified and registered in the UK. The balloons, built to the highest standards of the British aerospace industry, are provided by Cameron Balloons Limited, UK, the world’s largest manufacturer of high quality balloons.
The Balloon over Bagan service operates twice daily early in the morning just before sunset and late in the evening just before sunset between late October and April.
Each journey takes about 45 minutes to one hour long, but it also depends on the weather condition. There are 12 passenger balloons. Three balloons operate at any one time for maximum

Price: 300 USD/ person
Note: Balloon Over Bagan is subject to fly depending on the weather.