Beauty of Mandalay Hill in Sunset From Cheap Myanmar Tours

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Myanmar is one of the very few countries that still remains many of its wildest natural attractions, which are being turned into a “specialty” by the Burmese. Visitors, if they are interested in cheap Myanmar tours, can choose to come to Mandalay city and spend all their day visiting many places such as the temple retaining the classic stone Tipitaka, the ancient wooden pagoda Shwenandaw, Mandalay Castle, the gold manipulating or stone carving traditional village. Nonetheless, they may all end up with valuable moment watching the sunset sight on top of Mandalay Hill, which is highly recommended for an impressive Myanmar travel tour.

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Located in the northeastern part of the city, Mandalay Hill is a sacred hill chosen by the Burmese King Mindon to build up the Mandalay city since 1857. There are many famous temples and pagodas of Myanmar surrounding the hill such as Kuthodaw, Sandamuni. Thus, when visiting Mandalay Hill, you can also enjoy your Myanmar holidays with these notable places.

At about four o’clock in the afternoon every day, many passenger cars busily run toward the hill. Everybody wants to come and pick the best place to enjoy the last moments of the day in cheap Myanmar tours. All traffic means must stop in the middle of the hill for visitors using elevators or climb to the top of the hill.

cheap Myanmar tours

The elevators are always one-way up before sunset to bring visitors up to the hill top and enjoy the sun and only run one-way down after sunset to bring visitors down the foothills. To make sure that your holidays to Myanmar will not be ruined by any incidents, there is, of course, another elevator and drop-off system for pick-up in the event of an emergency.

From the top of this hill, there is nothing to obscure your view of skyscrapers, so people in this country, as well as anyone who comes here, have the opportunity to watch the sun at a time when the naked eye can look at it directly, both in the sunrise or sunset. For those who prefer luxury travel to Myanmar, there are hotels in Mandalay always having a sunrise schedule in the morning and sunset schedule in the afternoon for visitors to easily follow and enjoy the majestic natural sceneries here, one of the specialties in Myanmar. Many young men and women of Myanmar also choose this place to date and watch sunrise or sunset, which is really romantic for cheap Myanmar tours while they can talk with each other and relax totally as a reward after a long day of work and study.

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At the top of Mandalay Hill, there is the Sutaungpyi Pagoda, which really makes up your Myanmar day tour with its mirrored brickwork on the wall. This can reflect the light whenever the sun shines on to make the pagoda become glittering and sparkling in golden color in the middle of the hill. Of course, like other sacred places, visitors must dress appropriately and walk barefoot up the hill, regardless of hot or cold weather.

Mandalay Hill is a free destination for sun watching, but for some notable things to your Myanmar travel guide, you may be required to charge a fee of 1,000 kyats (about US $ 1) for any device that has a recorder or camcorder, from a mobile phone to a professional-looking device if you decide to take them to the hill.

cheap Myanmar tours

Once enjoying the sunset sight on top of Mandalay Hill, you will not forget the wonderland Mandalay of Myanmar. The image of the city from Mandalay Hill in such cheap Myanmar tours, with the tempestuous tower, pagodas, and temples soaring up to the sky and turning from light yellow to purple and crimson in color as the sun goes down on the other side of the Irrawaddy, while the opaque mist slowly dying city white will be unique experience in the travel diary of any visitor.