Best Myanmar Tours Coming True Thanks to These Wonderful Things

Best Myanmar Tours

Myanmar is recognized as truly Asia with a lot of things to enjoy. If you are planning for your best Myanmar tours and do not know what the best ones to do. Why don’t you look at this list?

1. Buy a cheap souvenir

Unique souvenirs for family and friends is what many travelers want to do during a Myanmar day tour.  When you visit Burma, do not miss a chance to shop in Bogyoke Aung San Market of Yangon. There is no place like it where you can see a wide range of beautiful things, from luxury items, handicrafts, clothing to even jewelry. However, if you are in Mandalay, Zegyo Market is a good choice for you to buy traditional handicrafts and Phatahe Bazaar for Buddhist-related items.

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2. Visit the Ananda Temple

Ananda Temple is one of the finest and most venerated temples in Bagan. Built by King Kyansittha in 1091 AD, the Temple displays four standing Buddha images. The ones on the south and north are original, contemporary with the building, both of which appear to be smiling if you stand to see them from the vestibules and solemn to have a closer look. Year by year, Ananda temple festival is held on the full moon of Pyatho (usually between December and January according to the Lunar Calendar). During the three days of the festival, more than a thousand monks chant day and night. Thousands of locals from near and far are attracted by such festival.

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3. Explore The Shwedagon Paya

Shwedagon Pagoda is among the most famous pagodas in Yangon, the most gigantic and oldest golden monument in the world. It is situated at No.1, Shwedagon Pagoda Road, Dagon Township of Yangon. This site is considered to be that part making best Myanmar tours.

Overwhelming the Rangoon’s skyline makes the pagoda outstanding. It was made up of 30 tons of gold including a huge number of gems and jewelry buried in. In here, you will see a myriad collection of best arts and crafts which play historical importance to Myanmar’s history and culture.

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4. Experience the Mandalay

Among several capital cities of Burma, Mandalay is considered to be the last one. This city will make Myanmar holidays exciting by offering the art and cultural buffs, traditional art, and craftsmanship.

Coming to Mandalay mean you visiting various places of interest around the city including a large commercial center and a bustling market that is the main center of its everyday activities. There are many tourist attractions in Mandalay  – a major tourist crowd puller. As a Golden City, Mandalay has numerous famous monuments and attractions.

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5. Cycle In Bagan

Bagan is considered as the “Land of Thousand Pagodas” with around 2000 ancient pagodas scattering across the region. This is the most favored place in Myanmar due to the religious significance.

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This city used to be the capital of the Kingdom of Pagan, the first kingdom to unify the regions that would later constitute modern Myanmar. During this period, a lot of monarchs, queens, princes, nobles including ordinary citizens built thousands of larger and small pagodas, beautifully decorated with fine art and mural paintings. Bagan offers tourists spectacular and huge pagodas and temples which still exist and demonstrate their greatness.

6. Go Trekking

Myanmar is famous for exotic mountains and hills. That is why taking part in trekking tours in the country will give you much excitement.

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While engaging in adventurous activities, tourists can meet several ethnic group people. That is the good chance for you to explore the lifestyle of local people, making the best memory in Myanmar tours.

7. Visit Inle Lake

Located in the Shan State Highland, the Inle Lake is called as the “Sea in the mountain”. This is the habitat for thousands of Inthas who live in houses built over water and depend much on the lake for their livelihood.

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Visit this lake is fascinating because travelers can enjoy the balance between human activities and the environment. This is a good chance to take photos of the beautiful sights, especially the images of Inthas. Just hire a boat exploring the lake while visiting many villages in the lake including incredible floating market and the floating Phaungdawoo Pagoda. If you visit during September or early October, you can admire the popular boat races of Inthas.

8. Hitch a Ride on an Elephant

Myanmar society is now developing and supporting tourists many means of public transportation. However, taking some time to hitch a ride on an elephant is meaningful to Burma tours. Elephants in Myanmar are more than just a cultural and historical symbol.

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They are very important both in transport and economy. Many elephants are used in timber harvesting operations, which represents a big part of the country’s economy. Sitting on the back of an elephant and going around some city, you can get to interact with nature and local people. You also feel your life freer and more interesting.

9. Watch Some Birds

Let’s spend your time with feathered friends, and you will love the country after best Myanmar tours. The country is known as a home of over 350 species of birds, including many rare and endangered species.

best Myanmar tours

In Myanmar, there are many places supporting you one-day bird watching trips like the Hlawga Wildlife Park and Moeyingyi Wetland Bird Sanctuary. If one day is not enough to quench your love of birds, you can move to Nat Ma Taung National Prak where about 280 species of birds including the White- browed Nuthatch are fed. The park will offer longer trips for you to discover many exciting things of many birds which may not be found in other regions in the world.