1.1 Myanmar Visa – now with eVISA
Please always take note that you need either Myanmar Visa ( For those who apply for Visa on arrival) before hand. These documents are very important, otherwise, you can not enter Myanmar, not to say boarding the flight to Myanmar. Now almost of travelers to Myanmar can apply eVISA at http://evisa.moip.gov.mm/. You can read this post for more details about Myanmar Visa.
For those who make visa on arrival, please make sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months from the time you land in Myanmar, not from the time you apply for Visa.

1.2 Credit Card and Cash
Please ensure that you bring enough money to spend during your trip and the money to settle your tour payment.Credit cards are not widely accepted yet. You can pay at big restaurants, hotels but not the normal restaurant by credit cards. There is a limitation of money withdraw in Yangon through ATM: about 350usd/ day.If your tour values more than 1000usd, you should prepare cash upon arrival.Note: when you withdraw money, you can only have Kyat, the local currency.

Read more details about Myanmar money and card usages!


2.1 Communication
– You can hire or buy SIM card at Yangon airport. – Internet is available at most of the hotels, rating from 3* and upper- Internet Café is popular for your contact back home with internet phone call.
– International Phone call should be done better from your country to Myanmar than the other way
Myanmar Tours Asia is always available for any request you may have!

2.2 Money Exchanges
– Myanmar Foreign Bank at Yangon airport is a popular exchanging point.- Most of the hotels offers exchange services.- Exchange rates may vary from time to time. You should exchange at the beginning of your trip in Yangon since the city is the best place to do so- Do not exchange at the unauthorized points to avoid cheating

2.3 Clothing, shoes and personal items
– Myanmar is generally hot. Prepare your T-shirt and summer clothes!
– Shoes are good but sandals are even better ! You will visit many pagodas and very often you are asked to take of your footwear to enter the religious sites, so take sandals !-
Do prepare your toothbrush, shampoo and other personal stuff.

2.4 Shopping
Our tour guides will be pleased to introduce you good shops where you can buy directly with the producers or local workers.Our tour does not cover the shopping part and we do not take any commission on this activity. If you find any of our guide take commission for this, kindly let us know.

2.5 Tipping
Tipping is not a compulsory part in our tours. If you find our guide, drivers or other staff has excellent performance for their work, your tips will encourage them for the next coming customer. Further than tipping, we would welcome a chance to get your participation in our school campaign

3. Price Fluctuation notes
Since its opening in late 2011, Myanmar has been facing difficulties to provide services to oversea travelers due to the fact that the infrastructure does not develop as fast as the travel demand. There is a tendency that prices of tours will fluctuate seasonally. Accordingly, we hold the right to change the price of your trip in case the price of hotels, transfer climb up in winter 2013