Dream of Myanmar Luxury Tours Come To Life- Thingyan Water Festival

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Have you ever desired to dance and sing in floods of water among millions of people? If yes, Thingyan Water Festival for your Myanmar luxury tours is what you should do at least once. This celebration is the biggest in Burma and lasts four days, in order to welcome a happy new year.

Thingyan Water Festival is said to originate from the harvest celebration called Holi in India. To the Burmese people, water splashes on each other have the power to cleanse away sins and people believe that a fresh start is coming.

Thingyan means a lot of things. It is not only a chance to do good deeds but also time to have much fun together. It is celebrated in April, the hottest month in here but such weather causes no trouble and everyone seems to be glad. As foreigners, you can see the sight of Thingyan Water Festival with many surprises because the atmosphere of the fights is so enthusiastic that even soft-spoken Burmese people have changed their behavior or manner in a totally different way. Merry-making is definitely what to do in Myanmar during Thingyan.

Best things to do in Myanmar during the festival

Day 1: The festival begins with parades of monks walking from home to home for alms. Then in the evening, people usually join singing and dancing performances on huge stages. You can be appealed by a great deal of orchestras and bands of young men who are moving around and singing classical Thingyan songs with all of their hearts.

Day 2: This is the golden time for water fights when anyone of any walk of life, status, race and skin color have all water pistols, pipes, and buckets in handy. They throw pots full of water onto each other, and there is no exception of being soaked to the bone. The Burmese can sometimes say their prayers because Thingyan is of cultural and historical importance. It is said that on the first day of the festival, Thagya Min descended to the Earth and do Burmese a favor. Take a tour with Myanmar travel guide, he or she can help you to understand more about this story.

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Water fights are always full of enthusiasm.

Moreover, tourists can find it interesting when the streets are filled with temporary bamboo stages called ‘mandats’ which are set up mostly by the rich and powerful Burmese people. And food stations for the hungry merry-makers can be found everywhere, especially along the two sides of streets. Songs, dances and free foods – All are for your Myanmar luxury tours ahead.

Day 3: The Thingyan Water Festival is about to see its last day. However, people still feel excited with throwing water on each other until late in the afternoon. You may get tired so run as fast as possible.

Day 4: Three days of fights and chaos has stopped. Peace is all you can see on this day.  It is time for the Burmese to wash their elders’ hair, offering monks free food and visiting temples to bathe statues of the Buddha. Also, people release captured fish into larger water bodies and say, ‘I release you once, you release me ten times’, which can make your Myanmar excursions more interesting.

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This is also the time for young boys to be initiated into the order of Theravada Buddhism.


Ideal destinations for Myanmar Water Festival

Each region in Myanmar has its own way to celebrate Thingyan Water Festival and have fun. However, Kandawgyi Pet in Yangon is one of the best places to go in Myanmar because it is always best known for its amazing water stations, dance floors, food stalls, and music. So you should not hesitate to take a tour heading for this city.  You will be well treated with beautiful scenery of the Kandawgyi Lake and Kabaraye road as well.

In case you would like to have a deep insight into the traditional side of Thingyan, taking a trishaw ride through Dala on the other side of the Irrawaddy from Yangon is suggested for you. A ferry will take you here.

While In Mandalay, the Rakhine people celebrate in an interesting way. They scoop up water into a long boat and then try to throw at revelers.

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 Beautiful sunset at Bein Bridge, Mandalay, Myanmar

If you want to enjoy a luxury Thingyan, you had better visit Ngapali Beach. There, a lot of locals are also trying to escape the celebrations and it’s a good idea to book everything in advance so that you can have luxury tours in Myanmar.

However, you should remember that it can be very difficult to travel around the time in which the festival is celebrated: No tickets or seat left besides double- or even triple-priced ones. In other words, finding transportation during the festival week can be a bit of a challenge. That is why careful preparation is never enough when you want to enjoy Thingyan.

Thingyan special treats worth trying

Here are some foods that can create a luxury Myanmar:

1. Mont lone yei baw: These are glutinous rice balls served with jaggery syrup. The balls are thrown into boiling water and served as soon as they resurface. How delicious they are!

2. Mont let saung: This kind of sweet is made of sticky rice and roasted sesame seeds. And it is served with jaggery syrup, coconut milk. and a side of grated coconut.

3. Mohinga: This is one of the most popular dishes in Myanmar. It is made of rice noodles and fish paste. You can enjoy it with fish soup, fried onions, coriander and a variety of other fresh ingredients.

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All of those facts may be enough to evoke your curiosity and eagerness. If you have got ready to party with the Burmese, book tickets now to have memorable Myanmar luxury tours.