Indein is one of the most popular attraction in Shan state which can be reached either by water way from Nyang Shwe town or on foot with a route from Kalaw to Inle Lake.

The areas boasts its uniqueness from rotating Indein Market and Shwe Indein pagoda, a complexion of small stupas and ruin relics.

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Indein market attracts local people from surrounding villagers with all sounds and sights. This is the hub where you can witness local people selling products from their farms including Flower, vegetables, fruits, cigar, fishes, tobacco…

The market offers a great chance to capture the vivid images of Intha fisherman, Pa-O tribes and Pa-daung people in their traditional dresses.

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Shwe Indein perched on a mountain that stretches widely along the western bank of Inle Lake. It is a collections for stupas that are cluster of hundreds of ancient stupas most are ruins overgrown with bushes.
At the lower part of this religious site, you can capture colorful images of ruin construction which depicts the local religion with hundreds of spires. On the peak of the mountain, it is the big Buddha, known as a scared place for praying.