King Mindon built Kuthodaw and Pitaka pagodas in 1860 at the southward of Mandalay foothill. The pagoda is covered by 4 walls including the central structure named Maha Lawkamarazein Paya (Stupa). This stupa is copied by the model of Shwezigon in Bagan and reaches the height of 30m.
kothudaw-pagoda-in-mandalayKuthodaw earned the tittle of the biggest book in the world thanks to the 729 slabs stored in small pagodas called Dhammazedis. Literally, each Dhammazedis means a lesson of Gautama Buddha.
The marble slabs were carved before transferring to Mandalay from Sayin Hill, 12 miles from the city. Each stab is 5 feet high, 3 feet 6 inches wide and 6 inches thick. It took 9 years to finish the carving works of 729 slabs
Along with the Dhammazedis, Kuthodaw also consists of 34 brick rest houses. The main entrance was made by teak wood with the dedication to guardian spirits.
kuthodaw-mandalay    mandalay-kuthodaw-pagoda
Some small tips: Kuthodaw is best viewed from Mandalay Hill but not so many people notice about the sightseeing point for this monument.