List of Myanmar Festivals to Choose for Your Private Myanmar Tour During the Year

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Myanmar is famous for its religion with many festivals all around the year. It is not difficult to have a great Myanmar private tour if you choose the right time to visit. This writing is what you should read before taking your package and go.

Myanmar in General

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Myanmar is an Asia country with the old name as Burma. Myanmar is bordered by India and Bangladesh to its west, Thailand, and Laos to its east, and China to its north and northeast. Irrawaddy flows through the center of the country and builds up a Southeast Delta.

Every year, there are many people all over the world come and get experiences here. Almost months of the year, visitors can come on their own or with friends and families. There are many festivals during all year.

There are 3 seasons in Myanmar to choose and visit.  It is said that greatest time to book a Burma tour is among November and February of next year. Two other seasons are from March to May, and June to October.


Greatest time to travel: November to February

The weather at this time is great, cool and you do not have to worry much about rains.
In Vietnam, it is very cold and dry at this time, so if you want to get away from cold weather from Vietnam, book a Vietnam Myanmar tour is such a great, fast and easy way. It is not expensive to have a great time during the holiday in this Buddhist country.

Yangon in the South of Myanmar is an ideal place to visit. The weather is great and you can enjoy walking along the street, taking photos and visit big market without worrying too much about your skin.  These days, the weather is quite the same as beautiful autumn days in Vietnam. Both private Myanmar tours and other kinds of tours are suggested for you.

If you have plans to visit Mandalay, it would be better to prepare some clothes for cold weather at night. It may be only 13 C degree and not easy to go out without warm clothes.
In Inle Lake and Pyin U Lwin, it is even below 10 C degree but day time is great and cool.

At this time, you can get great experiences to discover interesting festivals. The cooking festival also known as Htamane is held all around the country in just one day of February. The special thing about this festival is that only men join and prepare to cook rice, after the festival, people share rice with others and eat together.

IN January, Kachin New year festival is held with many people visiting all around the world. It falls in the first week and this month and also lasts one day. Many Kachin people come back Myanmar enjoys the festivals in Manw dancing.

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The greatest and most interesting festival is balloon festival, which falls in November. Three days of the festival is the best time for many Myanmar travel companies to sell their tours and get profits. Thousands of visitors come and spend their nights late to see a beautiful balloon on the sky. This festival is only held in Taunggyi, the south of Shan state.


Dry and hot season

This season is from March to May of the year. It is very hot and dry at this time. It may reach up 36 C degree in many places. So this time does not many want to get out. Preparing Lonyi and hats is really important.
In Naypyidaw and Mandalay, the weather even gets hotter and hotter.  Many Burmese use Thanaka powder to cool their skin and make them beautiful, too. Myanmar women do not use cosmetic much, they prefer Thanaka powder, not only for women but men, too. You can have your great pictures with Myanmar people using Thanaka everywhere, whenever they go out.

It seems to be cooler in Inle lake, the temper is never over 32 C degree, many people still come here to have their private Myanmar tours with Inle pictures, or just come to discover the life of people here.

One festival you can never forget if you visit Myanmar at this time is Thingyan, which is a very famous festival held in April. There are some other Asia countries having this festival, but in Myanmar, it lasts one day longer. The time of this festival is from thirteenth to seventeenth of April. Many tourists together families and friends come to get great experiences. Because it is very hot at this time, Thingyan festival is a great way to cool yourself.

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In Myanmar, both young old, girls or boys all enjoy the festival. Water is everywhere and people slash water to each other with the hope of getting luck. They do not care where are you from, what you do and how much you earn, all forget the sadness and just enjoy the fun together. The more water you get, the better you are. It is believed that water can wash away your sins and bad things of your old year, so this festival is very important to Myanmar people with the hope of welcoming a new year. Many people prepare their visa to Myanmar to get their new experiences in this country.

Raining season

Time for this season is from June to October. This time, it is hot and rains much. Especially in Golden Rock, it rains much more than in other destinations.

In the South of Myanmar and around Yangon, the weather is rainy, so visit the North of the country is better.
If you want to save money and have a cheap Myanmar tour, this time is great for you. Inle Lake is a good choice because the weather is not too bad.

Myanmar private tours

One tip for you never forgets umbrella and raincoat at this time. In case you get wet during your tour.
During this time, you can participate Myanmar traditional and national festival. Cane ball Festival is a favorite sports festival in Myanmar, which is held in July. It takes 48 days for competition among many teams from all over the country. In 2009, there were 1220 teams joining the festival.  You can even enjoy music when watching the completion. Cane ball festival is held with Saing-waing Myanmar traditional music. If you want to discover and not only have a Myanmar short tour, this activity is a good choice to spend time with.

In October, Myanmar people enjoy Light Festival, which falls from fourteenth to sixteenth of the month. All streets are full of light, from both electric bulbs and candles, too. Not only adults but also children enjoy this much. They spend the time to light up thousands of candles along the streets and pagodas, what an amazing scene to see!

With many festivals during the year like this, Myanmar is a really great country to come and visit. To have your Private Myanmar tour, you can choose any season, any month with different festival to discover.  So do not hesitate to prepare your time and get new experiences.