Meet Myanmar Tours ASIA’s Team

The consultant team of Myanmar Tours Asia is the most precious assets of our company. Their devotion and passion is the base for the best quality to each customer and for the long-term development of our company.

Myanmar Tours ASIA is a division of HIT Myanmar Tours – a legit, local tour operator in Myanmar.

HIT Myanmar Tour Team

Mr. Dinh Van Hoang (English speaking)

Indochina combined tours specialist

Before joining us, Hoang worked as a tour guide from 2005 and traveled to almost famous parts of Vietnam. Interacting directly with tourists, he knows exactly what they expect while getting around an unfamiliar country. Expertising in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia, Hoang can help you arrange long and complicated itineraries even with complex requests. Another field that he is so much confident is cruising trips

HIT Myanmar Tour Team

Mr. Si Thu (English speaking)

Myanmar Country manager, Our rep in Myanmar office, Si Thu has over 10 years working as a tour guide and traveling throughout Myanmar. He is very much dedicated to travel industry and a true explorer. Every year, he travel to at least a new place. Honest, service-oriented and fun guy to travel with and dedicated, hard-working man to work with. We are lucky to have him in our team.
HIT Vietnam Tours Team

Ms. Do Hoang Ngan (English speaking)
Myanmar Adventure expert

Ngan is a gentle girl, but the way she gets along with a new environment and her adoption to new knowledge has amazed us. Quickly getting into Myanmar market, Ngan helps our customers experiencing the best experience in Myanmar with her devoted time and efforts. The compliments from passengers continuously written back are the biggest motivation for her and all our company is, too!


Ms. Do Ngoc Anh (French & English speaking) 
Myanmar tour specialist

A small girl but having big competence, Ngoc Anh will help you create and customize from simplest to the most difficult tour programs. Her knowledge is not about Vietnam tours but about other destinations around Indochina such as Myanmar, Cambodia etc. She can speak both English and French.

HIT Myanmar Tours Team

Ms. Thu Hang (English speaking)
Myanmar Adventure expert

Born in Vietnam, studied in Australia, she has a strange faith to Myanmar. Hang has traveled several times overland the country. And up to now, she seems to know Myanmar as much as her homeland. Spent several years studying in abroad and raised in a family with long tradition working in tourism-related services, Hang is a very service-oriented person who dedicates all her efforts to support our customers to create the most incredible tours.

HIT Myanmar Tours Team
Ms. Nguyen Luu Ly (English & Spanish speaking)
Vietnam & Indochina tour specialist
Good singer, beautiful in both inner and outer – that is some words to describe Ly. She is fluent in Spanish and good at English. She has been experienced much with Vietnam destination before switching to Indochina Myanmar tours. Now she is an expert in combined tours to Indochina. If you are looking for a combined Tours and especially you speak Spanish, she will help you best.
HIT Myanmar tours team

Mr. Dinh Manh Cuong
SEO & Webmaster

Cuong is responsible for the stability of all websites and its functions. Building and effectively managing a huge CMS makes our Sales working most smoothly. Experience in working with web servers, content and database management etc since 2008. Cuong has made a huge, silent efforts to our success.

HIT Myanmar tours team

Ms. Mai Hai Yen 
Marketing Manager

Yen studied tourism then perused her major with HIT Indochina – right after her graduation in 2007. Accompanying with HIT Indochina from the very first stage, she thoroughly understands how passion and devotion can influence into passengers. She keeps her attitude of working to bring fresh air to HIT Indochina to help pushing it up into the market while keeping its major nature.