As one of the most responsible tour operator in Myanmar since the country opens, Myanmar Tours Asia officially boost our campaign to support local community and school in the less-visited areas.


Ms. Lisa visited and supported the local school in Mandalay 

1. How travelers get involve ?

Part of your visit to Burma will be customized to visit local villages or schools. During this time, you will communicate with children and local villages to understand better the local life then donate either stationery or money to the place you visit.We do encourage travelers to teach children games or knowledge that they can use for their life such as filtering the water, organizing the environment, creating better living standard or cultivating skills.Myanmar Tours Asia also promote more tours with home-stay so that you understand better and learn better about local tradition.
If you do not take the trip with us, do not mind, you still can join us by sending us your donation and mentioning the places you want to donate, we will create a trip to that place and take the photos how we support the local. We send the photos to you !

2. The Pioneers

One of our very first participant, Ms Lisa Mattson from New York had returned from her trip last January with incredible experience with local schools in rural Mandalay. She had witnessed the true life of local children and saw the smiles of them when receiving the stationery donated.“I was happy to visit the schools outside Yangon and Mandalay and would be interested in continuing my support of them, if possible, in some way”Said Ms Lisa
Mr. Ricky Parst, an experienced travelers who had visited Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar with us in early Feb had reconfirmed the happiness he got when joining with local farmers in Kalaw : “ If you wish to see Burma at its best, do not hesitate to mingle with local, you will understanding the unlike like Burma “

3. What customer receive ?
Simply the thanking words from us and the local villagers who got your beautiful gifts. Importantly, you receive the real interaction with Burmese who naturally very friendly and hospitable. Do not refuse if they invite you to visit their house !