1.  Best time to go:
– The best time to enjoy your holiday to Myanmar is from late half of September to the end of April.
During this period of time, Myanmar is under dry, cool wheather.
– From June to September is moonsoon season. The rain may not last for hours but interrupted many times  a day.

2. Visa
– It is a must to most of visitors to obtain visas for Myanmar before your arrival.
– You should apply for your Myanmar visa 1 month prior to your holiday.
– If you travel to Southeast Asia, then you can apply for visa in Bangkok, Hanoi, Singapore…
– Visa on arrival should be applied for traveler whose country does not have Myanmar Embassy.

3. Currency
– Try your best to bring cash. ATM or credit cards are not popular in our country.
– Bring new money notes, otherwise you will have less money exchange rate.
– Local currency is Kyat, widely accepted even it is torn, folded or very old.
– US dollars are the best to exchanges. Currencies such as Australia dollars, Euros can be exchanged mostly in Yangon, not popular in other areas.
– No travel cheque neither bank cheque is accepted.

4. Health care
– Do not expect a perfect health care like in your country. Myanmar is still a backward country for medicine and just opens its door to get more knowledge for this field. Most medicines are available but maybe not the brand you normally use.
– Be active to bring some basic tablets for headache, stomachache, digestion problems, flu….
– Do not drink running water in Myanmar. It is not safe. Try to afford your bottled water every day.

5. Languages
– Many Burmese are able to speak English.
– Local language is highly appreciated for fun and great conversation.

6. Communications & Internet.
– There are no international roaming services in Myanmar. So your mobile (cell) phone will be useless here.
– The telephones and fax facilities are available in most hotels in Yangon and Mandalay but charges are quite expensive.
– Internet now is available at many hotels and local businesses in Yangon and Mandalay and at some internet café in the major cities.  Do expect that the connection may drop off at some certain times during the day.
– Internet phone call is the best way to contact with your home.
– The best place to have internet in Yangon is : Trader Hotel
– The best place to have internet in Bagan: Nyaung U town.
– The best place to have internet in Mandalay: Mandalay Hill resort.

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