Pandaw run expedition cruises in four South-East Asian countries: Burma, on the Irrawaddy and Chindwin Rivers; through Cambodia and Vietnam on the Mekong River; and in Malaysian Borneo on the Rajang River. Pandaw_Cruise_Myanmar
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The Irrawaddy Flotilla Company was established by Scots merchants in 1865. By the 1920s the company ran over 650 vessels on the rivers of Burma. It had become the largest privately owned fleet of ships in the world. Mainly paddle steamers, the largest class of vessels were 350ft long and licensed for 4,000 passengers. In 1942 the fleet in its entirety was scuppered as an Act of Denial when the Japanese invaded. 

In 1998 Paul Strachan discovered an original Clyde-built steamer called the Pandaw and arranged for its lease and restoration. Thus Pandaw was born and a unique concept and style of river cruising was created.
In 2003 we took our Pandaw concept to the Mekong River in Indochina where in 2012 we will have five Pandaws plying between Saigon in Vietnam and Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Here, the Pandaws broke the seemingly impenetrable river border between two very different countries. In high water our vessels accomplished the first cross navigation of the Tonle Sap, an inland sea previously un-navigated by anything other than local speed boats.

In 2009 we inaugurated new cruises on the Rajang in Borneo and Ganges in India. Another two magnificent Asian rivers, rich in things to do and see, with varied topography of great beauty. We pulled out of India as a result of operational and safety issues.
By 2012 we will have ten beautifully crafted ships that we built ourselves. Each ship, hand finished in brass and teak by traditional craftsmen are in themselves objects of great beauty. The secret of our success is that on our ships, whilst luxury and comfort are discreetly present, it is the colonial character and friendly atmosphere that predominate. 
All our Pandaws have ultra shallow drafts and can travel to remote areas, which would be unreachable by other vessels, let alone overland.


Pandaw_cruiseChindwin and upper Irrawaddy River – 20 nights
Golden Land of Burma – 8 nights
The Irrawaddy  – 14 nights

Mandalay to Prome 10 nights

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Length:                       200ft / 60m
Beam:                        36ft / 11m
Draught:                    4ft / 1.5m
Berths:                       64 pax
Decks:                       4: Lower, Main, Upper, Sun
Engines:                   2 x 550bhp Isuzu
Propulsion:               Inboard system
Built:                           2003
Comms: Cell phones, Sat phones (where permitted by local authorities) VHF and SSB radio, internal phone system, PA system and tannoy system for navigation purposes.
Safety: Smoke detectors in all cabins and public places, emergency lighting and generator, fire pump, hydrants and hoses, fire extinguishers, life jackets for all on board and life rafts.
Navigation lights, ships horn, searchlight, GPS, Radar (where permitted by local authorities).
On board laundry, bakery, fully equipped galley and refrigeration units; air conditioning for all inside areas.
Treatment plants for desalination, desedimentation and purification using UV and osmosis.
Microbiotic treatment plants.
Myanmar DMA Inland Water (based on Lloyds Inland Water Class).
Country flags in areas of operation.
Ship Owners UK: P&I policies with over USD45 million per vessel.
28 per vessel of mixed Asian nationalities.

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pandaw-cruise-cabin      Pandaw_-_State_room
                Pandaw  Cruise Cabin                                                   Pandaw Cruise State Cabin
Pandaw_Sundeck       Pandaw_-_balcony
                Pandaw Cruise Sundeck                                                       Pandaw Cruise Balcony
Pandaw_-_Toilet       Pandaw_Restaurant
                        Pandaw Cruise Toilet                       Pandaw Cruise Restaurant

{tab=Departure Dates}
Please consider that Pandaw Cruise or most of the Myanmar Cruises do not operate daily and year round.
Most of the cruises in Myanmar travel on Irrawaddy River and Chindwin river, they start offering trip in late October and finish cruising in April or May.
We highly recommend you to contact us for all the availabilities and cruising time.