There are numerous difficulties to transfer from your country to Myanmar , however this may not be a bar while you are booking the tours with us.

1, Deposit:
The total amount of deposit varies from 10% to 30% of the tour cost. If your tour costs less than 1000usd/ person, we will require 100usd for deposit.
The deposit should be done either by bank transfer or online payment. – For the option of Bank Transfer, we will provide you our bank account information in Thailand or Vietnam. We reserve some tips while transferring money for your tour deposit and it will be explained during your emails dealing.- For online payment, we will base on your personal information to create a link with your agreement then we can process directly and fast. With this option, you can pay by: credit, visa, master cards.

At the current time, we will ask you to make deposit  through our office in Vietnam for online option. For full payment, you can settle in Myanmar with your credit card.

2, Full tour payment:
The balance of any Myanmar Tour or Burma Tour ( minus the deposit) will be settled once you have arrived in Myanmar and in cash or by credit card.  The notes should be brand new or new. Torn, folded notes will have lower value while exchanging to Kyat ( local currency). Before to proceed any payment, we highly recommend you to spend time reading our Terms & Condition in which we have indicated clearly about cancellation, refunds…
For the option of credit card, we can accept your payment by credit card, the bank transfer fee is 5%

3, Refund of Unused Services
We always offer great flexibility while you are traveling inside our country. Our personalized travel consultant will discuss with you to get dual agreement for changes of tours and mostly we will refund you for the services that you do not use if it is not a valid services.For example, if you do not visit an attraction, we surely refund you the entrance fee.