Where to Visit on your Yangon Sightseeing Tours 2017 ?

Yangon sightseeing tours.

Known as the biggest city and also the ancient capital of Myanmar, Yangon now becomes a busy trade center of this country. With many great places as gifts of God, this southern city attracts many visitors each year. Now we together check great places for Yangon sightseeing tours, from famous building to traditional markets, famous lake and park and even Yangon street at night.

Yangon in general

Yangon, also called Rangoon, is a southern city of Myanmar with a population more than 5, 21 million (2014), using both English and Myanmar. It is 30.000 km away from Martaban bay, at the confluence of Yangon and Bago rivers. As the biggest city, Yangon has 32 towns with many beautiful views.


There are many buildings here, both ancient and modern.
Almost are designed with Europe style, this is because Yangon was a colonial city of England for a long time. So many consider Yangon as “London of South East “
Travelers can recall good memories when traveling among ancient buildings along the street.



1. Bogyoke market

Bogyoke market, with Europe style construction, is the biggest gemstone market of Yangon and Myanmar, this is also one of the best places to visit in Myanmar. Visitors can find gemstone products, ranging luxurious to cheap ones. There are more than 1000 shops here to help all the buyers. They also sell clothes in some shops. Many say that Bogyoke market is “small Myanmar”, so it is always in place list of Yangon sightseeing tours. Main customers of the market are foreigners who come to buy delicate handicrafts as souvenirs for their families, friends.  Buying these gifts become one of must things to do in Myanmar.

Yangon sightseeing tours


2. Mingalar market

This market is located at Muslim city area. Mingalar is really a traditional Myanmar market. This wholesale market operates 24/24, so people can buy anytime they want for sudden guests. Mingalar market supplies agricultural products, both for local and abroad demand. If travelers do not know what to do in Myanmar, discovering this market is really a suggestion. Tourists can easily find small hospitals around the market to rest after a hard walking day.
The location is at the corner of Nyaungshwe road.

Yangon sightseeing tours


3. China town

Like the name of the town, this place is where you can find both Chinese and Myanmar food. As a famous food destination, it attracts many tourists from all over the world. Besides food, China Town also sells clothes and household appliances. It is called “small China” in Myanmar, so you do not need to visit China but still gets the same feeling here. If taking any Myanmar tours, you should not miss this interesting places.

 Yangon sightseeing tours


4. Maha bandoola central square

Maha bandoola central square is very famous to visitors. None stops their travel if they do not enjoy fresh air and the huge construction here. Maha bandoola central square is always one of the best places to see in Myanmar. Many companies open Yangon sightseeing tours with this destination and gain good benefits. With Europe style, white paint, this is a beautiful and stunning structure.

 Yangon sightseeing tours

5. Maha Bandoola park

Famous for its colorful flowers, Maha Bandoola park is a very romantic place with a great view right to Maha Bandoola central square. There is one high tower called The Independence Monument, which is in the center of the park. From here, travelers can also visit ancient building around easily.

Yangon sightseeing tours


6. Inle lake

Can’t miss this romantic and beautiful lake if you take any Yangon tour. It is really great for both backpackers and normal visitors. Inle has clean water and natural beauty, fresh air, and huge sight. Even you are not in Yangon but in Mandalay, you can also enjoy this beauty. People spend time here to relax, far from a noisy city. They feel peace inside and forget every bad thing.

Yangon sightseeing tours


7. 19th Street

Walking along the street at night in Yangon is also a great way to feel the beauty of this city. Tourists will soon find special street food along with many streets and can have a chance to try cool cups of beer. Like Vietnam, street food is also popular and charming. Sugarcane juice is the most popular drink in Myanmar. So really cool to visit Yangon tours during water festival and take sweet sugarcane juice at night.

Yangon sightseeing tours

Yangon is not only famous for its huge pagodas, visitors can take Yangon sightseeing tours during the year and have their own experiences with families and friends. Besides religion, visitors can feel the peace in this ancient city, not expensive but worth.
(Dinh Thi Thanh Van)