Myanmar (Burma) tours will let you travel to the history and hidden nature as Myanmar (Burma) is the last country to open in South East Asia. We offer you awesome Myanmar tours packages including but not limited to Classic Myanmar (Burma) tours, Myanmar culture tours, Adventure travel in Myanmar with biking overland Myanmar or trekking tours, cruises in Myanmar rivers, and special tours for family holidays or honeymoon vacations in Myanmar (Burma). Even if you don’t find anything to suit your dreaming Myanmar trips, you can select customised tour services to talk to our team – a local Burma tour operator to make a unique Myanmar tours for you and only.

Classic Myanmar (Burma) tours – Top recommended tours in Myanmar

Classic Myanmar tours are the best for all travellers planning Myanmar holiday packages to check out at the first stage. Because Classic Myanmar tours often go overland Myanmar country and cover the best places to see in Myanmar – those are Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay, and Ngapali. Below is our top list of Myanmar Classic package tours that are all private Myanmar tours, the prices are very affordable, and the experiences are the best.

  • Myanmar Heritage Tour – 6 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay.
  • Discovery Myanmar Tour – 12 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, Pyin Oo Lwin, Bagan, and Mt. Popa
  • Myanmar Highlights Tour – 8 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and Bagan.
  • Myanmar Temples & Beach – 10 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Golden Rock, Bago, Bagan, and Ngapali beach.
  • Charm of Myanmar Tour – 7 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Inle Lake, and Bagan
  • Myanmar Family Holiday – 13 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Elephant camp, and Ngapali Beach
  • Myanmar Honeymoon Vacation – 7 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan, and Ngapali Beach
  • Myanmar Treasure Tour – 11 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan – River cruise to Mandalay, and Inle Lake

Adventure Myanmar Tours: Trek & Cycling Tours in Myanmar (Burma)

Adventure Tours Myanmar (Burma) are trekking and cycling tours mostly. The best trekking tours are in the North Myanmar with the most famous places of Inle Lake and Putao. Inle Lake is the top place for hiking Myanmar tours to explore nature and ethics. Putao is for harder trekking tours and rafting. Cycling in Myanmar can be done at all best Myanmar visiting places or even connecting them to an overland cycling Myanmar tours. Please note motorcycling Myanmar (Burma) tours are not available because motorbikes are not allowed in big cities.

  • Myanmar Adventure Tour – 14 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Mandalay, Monywa,  Bagan, Mt Popa, Kalaw, and Inle Lake.
  • Cycling Myanmar Tour – 10 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Mandalay, Mingun, Myitthar, Myingyan, Mt. Popa, and Bagan.
  • Kalaw trekking to Inle lake – 6 Days
    Places to visit: Kalaw, Nan The Le Te, Htee Thein, and Inle Lake.
  • Mrauk U Discovery Tour – 5 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Sittwe, Mrauk U, and Visali.
  • Kyaing Tong Trekking Tour – 4 Days
    Places to visit: Kyaing Tong, Water Buffalo markets, and villages.
  • Putao Trekking the last villages – 8 Days
    Places to visit: Putao, Wasandum, Ziyadum, and Machadaw.
  • Hiking Mt. Victoria & Bird-watching – 7 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Elephant camp, and Ngapali Beach
  • Exploring Mergui Archipelago – 5 Days
    Places to visit: Kawthaung, Taung La Bo, Kyun Phila, Myauk Ni, and Thay Yae Island

 Myanmar Cruise Tours, River Cruises Myanmar (Burma)

Ayeyarwady or Irrawaddy is the longest river in Myanmar (Burma). The river creates a unique lifestyle in Myanmar and experiencing cruise tours in Myanmar along Irrawaddy rivers is strongly recommended to travellers. The most popular Myanmar cruise trips are from Bagan to Mandalay and vice versa. The duration of a Myanmar cruise tour can be from 2 days up to 10 days. You can enjoy the utmost luxury travel in Myanmar with the top cruises in Myanmar like Road to Mandalay.

  • Irrawaddy River Adventure – 12 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, Myitkyina, Bhamo, Kathar, Shwegu, Mandalay, Bagan, and Mt Popa.
  • Myanmar Culture & 2 nights Cruise – 10 Days
    Places to visit: Yangon, cruise Bagan to Mandalay, and Pyn Oo Lwin.
  • Road to Mandalay Cruise – Various options (4-12 days)
    Places to visit: Bagan, Mandalay, Mingun, Bhamo and more….

    • Gorges of Far North Myanmar – 12 Days
      Places to visit: Mandalay, Mingun, Kyan Hnyat, Katha, Shwegu, Zinbon, Bhamo, and Bagan.
    • Highlights of Myanmar on Cruise – 4 Days
      Places to visit: Mandalay, Sagaing, and Bagan.
    • Bagan to Mandalay Cruise – 08 Days
      Places to visit: Bagan, Sagaing, Maymyo, Mandalay, and Mt. Popa.
  • Myanmar Paukan Cruise – Various options
    Places to visit: Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Elephant camp, and Ngapali Beach

    • Mandalay to Pyay (Prome) – 10 Days
      Places to visit: Mandalay, Mingun, Yandabo, Tan Kyi Taung, Magwe Gold, Minhla, Thayetmyo, Pyay (Prome), and Yangon
    • Mandalay – Bhamo Cruise – 8 Days
      Places to visit: Mandalay, Mingun, Tagaung, Katha, Bhamo, Atha, Kyauk Myaung, and Mandalay

Short Myanmar Tours in Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and more..

The top sites in Myanmar are Yangon – the former capital; Bagan Myanmar (Burma) with over 220o stupas; Mandalay Myanmar – the ancient capital; Inle Myanmar – the paradise for adventure travel in Myanmar; and Ngapali beach for relaxation. Myanmar Tours Asia, a local Myanmar (Burma) tour operator, suggests short tours to those places such as Beauty of Mandalay (4 days), Inle Lake Exploring tour (4days), Mt. Popa in Bagan full day, Bests of Bagan (5days).

The day tours Myanmar in Yangon (its surroundings), Inle, or Bagan are the best choices for Myanmar off-shore excursions by cruise passengers or fulfil your free days in Myanmar (Burma). Contact us to book or add short Myanmar tours into your plan.

Special Myanmar (Burma) tours, Unique Tours to Myanmar

Those Myanmar (Burma) tours are in very special themes and/or only take places in unique occasions of Myanmar festivals. Myanmar unique tours very much depend on the times of travel, or your unique interests. Should you don’t find the Myanmar tours below special enough for your unique desire, please send us a customised Myanmar tour request. Our team at Myanmar Tours Asia will create a unique private package – just for you!

  1. Celebrating Chin Festival Tour – 9 Days (in February)
  2. Irrawaddy River Dolphin Watching – 2 days (start from Mandalay)
  3. Mt. Victoria Hiking and Birding – 7 days
  4. Myanmar water festival tour – 12 days (in April)

Myanmar Photo Tours, Educational Tours or MICE Services in Myanmar

Photography tours in Myanmar can be customized from any of those mentioned Myanmar tours. Depending on your travel time, our Myanmar team will suggest the best selection so that you can catch the best shots of Myanmar people, nature, and/or festivals.

Educational tours in Myanmar for students and MICE services are available and quoted upon your requests. Myanmar Tours Asia will have attractive discounts for student groups or special price policies for MICE Travel request.

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Myanmar Discovery Tour – 12 Days

Designed to capture the essence of Myanmar, this 12 days guided tour is a beautiful introduction to one of the less-visited country in the world where unspoilt natures and incredible cultural heritages attracts your sense of travel with more than your enjoyment.

12 days
Irrawaddy River Adventure

Irrawaddy River Adventure Tours

The mighty Ayeyarwaddy exists as an important means of transport throughout Burma (Myanmar) history. Adopting the old cultural and natural setting, our Ayeyarwaddy adventure tour is designed to include the best part of Ayeyarwaddy

12 days

Irrawaddy River Dolphin Watching

Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin tour is designed to provide the travelers with the chance to see the Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin in their natural environment and the traditional cast-net fishing method by the help of dolphins. This will encourage the education programs on dolphin conservation and the importance of adopting sustainable fishing practices.

2 days

Kyaing Tong Trekking Tour

Explore Kyaing Tong, Myanmar’s top preserved area which is promised to be one of the best area to enjoy trekking with fascinating mix of culture. From smiling welcome to unique traditions of Kyaing Tong hill tribe, from lush river valley to spectacular mountain vista, from dirt track to exotic town, this tour shows you the best of Kyaing Tong in the most impressive way.

4 days

Treasure of Myanmar Deluxe Tour – 11 Days

Myanmar has so much to offer . From the stunning pagodas of Bagan to the styled floating villages with one leg-rowing fishermen of Inle, from the seducing sunset in Mandalay to the untamed river of Irrawaddy, you are to immerse in a unlike world of the beautiful country called Burma. Join us on this trip to uncover the hidden beauty of Myanmar and experience the stunning !

11 days

Putao – The Last Villages Trek

With Putao – The last villages trekking tour, trek lovers have the opportunities to go and witness the most remote villages hidden under heavily forested jungle with wealthy natural world. You are going to take into so many adventurous actions and hike on amazing, untouched trek trails.

8 days

Mt. Victoria Hiking and Birding

We are going to spend an incredible tour exploring the moss-draped forests of the Chin Hills in the vicinity of Mount Victoria. These mountains form part of the Eastern Himalayas, an endemic-rich bird region where several species seen only by a handful of intrepid birders occur

7 days

Celebrating Chin Festival Tour

This colorful tour enables you to immerse in one of the most rewarding festivals in Myanmar. Chin Festival or known as national holiday is celebrated by local hill tribes since 1948 with abundance of unique cultural demonstration.
Beautifully, the tour is perfectly combined with the conquest of Mountain Victoria, the second highest peak in the country which boasts a great diversity of flora and fauna.

9 days

Myanmar Family Holiday – 13 Days

Myanmar Family Holiday is a beautiful introduction to the country of Myanmar; allowing your family to try some great activities as mountain biking, horse riding, lake boating..
Your holiday kicks off with an interesting discovery of Yangon then heading north to the world of pagodas, the heritage site of Bagan. In this sacred plain, your children will have chances to do horse riding, explore the sights with experience tour guide. Afterward, we head to Inle Lake for a pleasant visit to Indein and the habitat of Pa-O tribe. As you return to Yangon, we will do elephant riding then head to the coast where your family will enjoy the Thandwe river adventure and relax at Bengal Bay before returning home.

13 days