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Irrawaddy River Adventure

Irrawaddy River Adventure Tours

The mighty Ayeyarwaddy exists as an important means of transport throughout Burma (Myanmar) history. Adopting the old cultural and natural setting, our Ayeyarwaddy adventure tour is designed to include the best part of Ayeyarwaddy

12 days

Putao – The Last Villages Trek

With Putao – The last villages trekking tour, trek lovers have the opportunities to go and witness the most remote villages hidden under heavily forested jungle with wealthy natural world. You are going to take into so many adventurous actions and hike on amazing, untouched trek trails.

8 days

Celebrating Chin Festival Tour

This colorful tour enables you to immerse in one of the most rewarding festivals in Myanmar. Chin Festival or known as national holiday is celebrated by local hill tribes since 1948 with abundance of unique cultural demonstration.
Beautifully, the tour is perfectly combined with the conquest of Mountain Victoria, the second highest peak in the country which boasts a great diversity of flora and fauna.

9 days

Thailand Myanmar Tour

A 13 day tour covering Bangkok, northern Thailand and the most enchanting attractions of Myanmar mesmersize your holiday with its color, sights and sounds.
The trip features a wonderful time to experience the distintive culture of Thailand and Burma in style, raning from cutlural visit to natural safaris.

13 days

Beauty of Mandalay

The Beauty of Mandalay tour is an ultimate journey that exposes the temptation of the ancient capital at its best. From ancient capital with striking golden spires to cozy cultural touches, Mandalay impresses you with her beauty and hospitality that is unlike.

4 days

Myanmar Golf Tour

A 10 days trip with a tour to biggest golf destination in Myanmar features the highlights for those who wish to play golf and discover the beauty of Myanmar.
Myanmar Highlights combines the most beautiful attractions of Myanmar with a perfect touch to country`s highlight covering the landscapes, culture and local hospitality

10 days

Cambodia Myanmar Tour

Cambodia Myanmar Tour features a perfect chance to discover the splendor of Cambodia and Myanmar. Embarking on this trip, you are to behold the magnificence of Angkor temple complex, indulge in the unique beauty of Bagan and end your trip with relaxing moment by Inle Lake.

9 days