“ Your visit to Myanmar is absolutely uncompleted without visiting Shwedagon “ – Jackson, who traveled 5 times to Myanmar since 2010.
Shwedagon is one of the most precious heritages of Myanmar with splendid history dated back to VI century.  Located high atop the sacred shrine of Singuttara Hill, this giant monument is home golden spires, diamond-covered peak, incredible story of Buddha and history of Yangon.

From Shwedagon, you can behold the verdant park of Kandawgyi, capture the panorama of Yangon city and its peaceful river.

For Buddhism devotees, this site is as holy as Nepal Palace and you can easily recognize its reflection in the sunrise and sunset when hundreds of people praying in front of the huge stupa.

Opening time: 04:00-22:00 everyday, except for some big festivals.
Our recommendation: visit Shwedagon in late afternoon. The best time to take photo is sunset. You should visit this pagoda with an experienced guide, there are a lot of things you should know.
Thiriytsaya Lounge in Sakura is the best restaurant where you can view Shwedagon from the city.