Top 3 Fun Things to Do on a Myanmar Travel Tour in Yangon

Myanmar Travel Tour

1. Shwedagon Pagoda

Myanmar travel tour
The Shwedagon Pagoda – Photo by JimmyAn

The Shwedagon Pagoda is one of the most popular religious sites of Yangon that you must visit when you go on Myanmar tours. It has the golden chedi reaches the height of 99 meters, so that you can see it throughout the city. As the sun is lighting it is covered with the incredibly golden surface. You hardly can look at it without squinting your eyes, because of so much gold makes the pagoda look like a big sun.

When you are Shwedagon Pagoda in your Myanmar travel tour, you will have the chance to see a series of rituals according to the day were born. That would be your most unforgettable image you catch in your life. Some people also walk circumferences around the base of it. One more interesting thing in this pagoda places on the top of it. You can catch it in the little golden thing looks like an umbrella, it calls an hti, it is jewels, gold, and thousands of diamonds. It is hard to see how beautiful the top is because of some binoculars place on one side of the pagoda.
Your Myanmar package tours to Yangon will not be completed if you have not visited the Shwedagon Pagoda.

2. Local fresh market


Myanmar travel tour
Local fresh market – Photo by Yangonman

I have gone on many Myanmar tours to Yangon; I think the best way to explore this place not only go to the crew, or eating in luxury restaurant but visiting a local fresh market. Why? I really love the bustle in this spot, many vendors get together and sell almost everything you need or think of. Moreover, the product in the local market always far cheaper and fresher than the product you can find in the mall or some supermarket.

But the most important reason make Local market memorable with me when I go on Myanmar travel tour is the local people here. They are so friendly, wherever and whenever I come and see them, they will wave their hands and say “hello” to me with a big smile on their face.

There are many fresh markets within downtown Yangon, but the most notable are on Street 26, Shri Kali Temple – Thein Gyi Market. The most attractive thing in this market is you can pass through the market on vehicles. Whenever there is any vehicle oncoming, the vendor will move their stuff aside except the low basket of food.
That sounds great, doesn’t it? Pack your back and come to make your memory.

3. Chinatown Yangon – Eating and Walking


Myanmar Travel Tour
Chinatown – Photo by HanaHoai

The area from 18th to 24th street is referred as the Chinatown. It places in downtown Yangon, on the west of the Sule Pagoda.

This is one fo the must visit the place of Yangon. You will be regret in rest of your life if you have the chance to go on the best Myanmar tour but don’t come to this town. You can find everything here from ready-made things to eat to the fresh product from the vendors.

There are two streets that almost visitors want to come, 20th and 19th street. Why? Because in 20th street you can find unique Chinese food include grill pork skewers or rice congee. And come to 19th Street, you have the chance to enjoy one of a kind barbecue. 19th Street also popular as the night-life destination because both locals and tourists come to hang out and drink here.

Hope you can find useful information and get ready to go on your Myanmar tour package. Having fun!