Top 4 Beaches to spend your Amazing Myanmar Adventure Tours

Myanmar adventure tours

Myanmar is a religious country famous for its religion and Giant Buddha statues. Thousands of tourists come here every year to enjoy themselves in peace.

There are also many other great places to discover in this Asia country. Burma has a 2000km coastline with long white sands. Among them, these 4 beautiful beaches should be listed as your destinations for an “adventure tour” in “Myanmar”. 

Ngapali Beach

This beach located in the Rakhine state of Myanmar, which means it takes you 45 minutes on the flight from Yangon. Not too far to go.

Its 7km white sandbank is really impressive to visitors for the first time of them. Tourists can join many kinds of sea sports such as swimming, diving or surfing. They can also do research about people life, wander around local markets and fishing villages. Some Myanmar travel tours can also introduce their tourists to hire a bike and slowly discover the beach. This way can help your cool yourself with natural winds and feel how great the sea is.

Myanmar adventure tours.

All the year, the seawater is clean and blue. Travelers can enjoy peaceful and fresh air at the same time. They can enjoy seafood at famous restaurants such as Sea queen, Ngapali kitchen, Ocean pearl.
To have great pictures and discover this beach easily, you should start your journey around December and April, when the weather is great.

Spend holidays in Myanmar with your lover is a great idea, you can choose this beach to take romantic photos and make wedding videos in the future.

Ngwe Saung Beach

This beach is to the South of Myanmar, 48 kilometers from Pathein, in Ayeyarwaddy area, 190 kilometers from Yangon, opposite to Bengal Bay.

This 15-kilometer beach is known as “Silver Beach” of Myanmar. Ngwe Saung Beach is the longest beach in South East Asia. It is famous for wild beauty, really interests visitors who like discovering new things. This destination should be in a list of every “adventure tours” in “Myanmar”.

Myanmar adventure tours

The most impressive thing is beautiful rows of palm trees.  Tourists can feel its serenity and relax after stressful days at work.
Walking along the beach is interesting to do. Some popular sports are surfing, swimming,…Visitors can also hire a boat to discover other islands near there. They can book a “biking tour” to discover “Myanmar” fishing villages there, too.
This beach is home of a collection of oil wells, without any dangerous creatures. Traditional Bullock cart riding will give you great experiences.

Myanmar adventure tours

Tourists can enjoy seafood such as lobster, squid, crab at Eskala Hotels and Resorts, The Emerald Sea Resort, Bay of Bengal resort,…

Kanthaya Beach

Kanthaya Beach is in southern Rakhine State on the Bay of Bengal. This is an ideal destination for whom want to find a private and peaceful place. It is very wild and not affected by human beings.

One special thing is you cannot find shops or restaurants to buy things or souvenirs. No kinds of sports are available. Booking hotels in advance are impossible, you have to come in person.

Myanmar adventure tour

But this 4,5km long beach will meet your expectation with light yellow sandbank, no noise at all. Tourists can walk along the beach and enjoy fresh air after hard working days.

One more thing is that seawater is really warm during water splashing festival, so if you are kind of reserved person, this place is really an ideal place for your Myanmar adventure tours.

Myanmar adventure tour


Chuang Tha Beach

240 km to the West of Yangon, Chuang Tha is one of the most famous Myanmar beaches that is visited by many tourists all the time. Burma day tours can attract visitors during the year, especially at the weekend and during holidays.

Frankly, said that Chuang Tha Beach is not as beautiful as Ngwe Saung and Ngapali beaches, but it is very popular with foreigners.

Myanmar adventure tour

Myanmar travel tour operators can also have customers from big cities in the country. Many middle-class families in the city spend their weekend at this noisy beach. There is one solution for this situation is to take a boat tour and discover some other islands, or dive into the sea to see the ocean.

Myanmar adventure tour

These are the most beautiful and famous beaches which are really excellent destinations for you to start your Myanmar adventure tours, don’t hesitate to write them down in a list of your Myanmar must-go places and start your trip now!