Top 6 Things to Prepare for your Myanmar Tours

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Are you planning to visit Myanmar this 2017? Do you not know much about Myanmar? Any visitors will get some problems if they do not prepare carefully when going to a strange country. These notes bellow can help you have a good preparation before booking any Myanmar tours.  So check it, read it carefully before taking your package and go!


Myanmar tours

The best time to take a Burma tour is around November and December. The weather is great this time, it is cool without raining. So travelers do not have to care so much and your package is also lighter.

In hot summer, from March to May, Myanmar is dry, a bit hot. There is not so much rain. This is a great time to visit Myanmar and book tours if you want to join Water Splashing Festival. Visiting Yangon is a good idea. Many Myanmar travel companies also get good profit this time.

Time from June to October has the most rains of the year. With high humidity and hot weather, travelers should prepare carefully before starting their trip.

Currency of money


Myanmar tours

Myanmar money is called Kyats. It values from 1, 5, 10, 45, 50, 90, 100 to 200,500 and 1000.
In Myanmar, there are not many banks to exchange money, and almost shops do not accept USD, so always bring cash instead of credit card and cheque.
Some shops at the center also allow customers to pay in credit card and cheque, but it would take a long time than by normal cash.


Myanmar has many religions and this country really cares about religions and culture.
Known as a Buddhist Asia country with many huge pagodas, it attracts many foreigners to spend their holidays in Myanmar.

Whoever wants to go inside these famous pagodas, it is a must to take off not only their shoes, high heels,…but also socks and only go barefoot. So we suggest using easily taking off shoes, or flip flops and sandals.
For ladies and women when taking Myanmar tours, please read the instruction carefully before visiting any pagodas, some do not allow women to come inside, they think that it is not right to let women inside the sacred places. This will be helped with the guide from any Myanmar tour companies.

Women also have to wear clothes discreetly, no open back or neck, and of course no open chest, either.
When visitors want to give a present or anything to Burmese, remember to use their right hands or better with both hands to express their respect to others.  This is a very delicate behavior we have to obey to be a good tourist in Myanmar.

Myanmar tours

Means of transport

Tourists do not have a chance to choose transports. Yangon is such a big city that no “bicycle” motorbike is not allowed to be used. The only means of transport is trishaw. It is the way travelers spend time watching Myanmar life, step by step. Another transport visitors can use is a bus. Bus is popular in “Myanmar”, in every city. It saves space and a cheap way to save your budget.



Taking Myanmar tours, visitors have more time experience beauty of this country than consuming time on the internet. Why?

Myanmar tours

Myanmar is very backward so travelers can’t easily find internet or phone here.
Internet is something very luxurious to inhabitants. There are few hotels supplying internet, but the price is quite high.

Tourist should spend time walking around to visit Myanmar places, because they can’t get access to Facebook, Yahoo, Skype,

To find a SIM card is also a big and expensive thing to do. Price for each sim card is more we often know. Each SIM card with GMS is from 25 to 30 USD, bought at the hospital or trade center. And no matter who you are, you have to show your passport to buy this luxurious item.  Almost activities through the internet are checked by Myanmar Posts and Telecommunication (MPT)


Myanmar people believe that their head if very important, especially the top of the head.  Because It is where to express respect. Even when you meet a very young and cute boy/girl, you can’t touch them on their heads.  Just greet them in a normal way.

With colleagues, Burma people also are not with hands gripping others’ shoulders flippantly.

Myanmar tours

As a religious country, “Burma” people cares much about rituals and culture. With good preparation, you will worry nothing but just choose the right time to book Myanmar tours. This 2017, do not miss “Myanmar” beautiful places. Again read these notes carefully to have a good trip with your friends !