Irrawaddy River Dolphin Watching

Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin tour is designed to provide the travelers with the chance to see the Ayeyarwaddy Dolphin in their natural environment and the traditional cast-net fishing method by the help of dolphins. This will encourage the education programs on dolphin
2 days

Myanmar Culture & Two Nights Cruise

The legendary river of Irrawaddy takes a huge part in the life of Myanmar people. From the fertized banks to lush valleys, from floating villages to shipping activities, from rites to traditions, the river reflects vividly the life of local
10 days
Irrawaddy River Adventure

Irrawaddy River Adventure Tours

The mighty Ayeyarwaddy exists as an important means of transport throughout Burma (Myanmar) history. Adopting the old cultural and natural setting, our Ayeyarwaddy adventure tour is designed to include the best part of Ayeyarwaddy
12 days

Mandalay to Pyay (Prome) by Paukan Cruise

The lovely Paukan is a boutique hotel on the river, beautifully furnished with a unique combination of modern and traditional motifs. The timber-walled cabins are furnished with colonial style cupboards, and comfortable dresser and doors while the ceiling is traditional

Mandalay - Bhamo Cruise by Paukan Cruise

A river journey to discover the upper reaches of Irrawaddy will provide you the ultimate cruise experience

Gorges of Far North Cruise

A venture in luxury on Irrawaddy River  with full discovery to the secluded parts of Myanmar. This trip is perfect for those who seeks for exclusive experience that is unlike

Cruising to Myanmar Heritages tour

The three days cruise trip bring you the most highlighted part over Irrawaddy River from the heritage site of Bagan to the vibrating city of Mandalay.

Mekong and Irrawaddy River Cruises

One of the most beautiful way to discover the rural life and traditional culture of Indochina is taking the cruises. While Mekong River winds itself through the land of Laos, Cambodia and Laos, Irrawaddy River expands its influence to the
17 days

Road To Mandalay Cruise

A cruise on board the Road To Mandalay is the adventure of a lifetime. Gently cruising along the Irrawaddy River, passengers will encounter astonishing natural beauty, timeless landscapes, unparalleled cultural heritage and some of the most welcoming and hospitable people