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Mount Victoria, which Burmese people usually call Nat Ma Taung or Khonuamthung, is situated Nat Ma Taung National Park. This park is one of the most beautiful and visited, it is also the shelter for various rare but beautiful animals, vegetaions, and tribal people. This ideal destination for Myanmar Tours was recognized as an ASEAN Heritage Park status as well as being of Outstanding Universal Value by UNESCO.
With the height of around 3,053 meters, Mount Victoria has the highest peak among Chin State full of mountains and it is the third highest in Burma. Along the ways from November to February, tourists can catch a lot of spectacular sights such as rhododendrons being in bloom. Or when you stand on the twin peaks of this mount, you can see a 360-degree panorama  of surroundings  including the Buddha statue and a pagoda


There is a trail head where tourists can take an uphill climb of around 5 minutes from the Kanpetlet town. This town can offer you nice accommodation for Myanmar tours. Then, you just have to enjoy a five-hour climb to Victoria’s summit (including the time allowed for coming back to the head).

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It can take you only one day to climb on the Mount Victoria, but if you take hiking, it can be much longer for your luxury travel Myanmar. The hiking route has a direct one going through mountains, tribal villages in Kanpetlet to Mindat nearby which might take two days, and two nights, together a longer circular route in a circle from Kanpetlet to the west and the north and it starts with a road up to Mount Victoria summit which might take you five days and four nights. It is advisable for you to have the company of experienced guides and porters on these routes. During the trip, you can rest small homestays in villages.

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Kanpetlet is a small town where the majority of eco lodges in this area can be easily seen – even though these are not located in the town but on the mountainous road to Victoria. One of the best things to do in Myanmar travel tour is to see some the locals while you are wandering around your homesteads or churches, enjoying the tranquil rural areas.

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The town  of Mindat with its local culture

Mindat is larger than Kanpetlet and you should spend around five hours going to the north to reach it. You will see many people of Dai, Ya and Upu tribes living in Mindat as well as nearby regions. There are older women whose faces are full of tattoos, which helps to differentiate them from other tribes. This practice is no longer allowed by the government, but you can still see some tattoos on the young.

There are traditions dating back to years ago and their origins lost in facing the test of the time. The mentioned above tradition is still be kept due to several reasons. For example, this acts as a protection against Burmese kings’ arrests or kidnaps because tattoos can cover the beauty of tribal ladies. Whatever happens, this tradition is a combination between animist traditions in Chin State and Christianity because a lot of local people believe that they are Christians who have to go to church on Sundays. You are advised to join them during your tours in Myanmar.

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Chin State’s several areas are residences of the elderly just using their local language, the Burmese. However,  as a result of the influential Christianity, their command of  English has improved a lot. If these people see you and think of you as foreigners, they will give you this question first, ‘Do you follow the Christianity?’. With regard to only Mindat, 10 churches can be found, ranging from Baptist, Presbyterian, to Pentecostal, Baptist and this will make Burma tours memorable.


You are charged $10 if you want to enter the national park of Nat Ma Taung. This cost has already included in pre-arranged tours charges. Now, it is time to take Myanmar tours to this brand new destination.