Myanmar Heritages Tour - 6 Days

Myanmar Heritage Tour offers a legendary touch to the UNESCO heritage of Bagan, the ancient capitals of Mandalay and the golden spire combines the most beautiful attractions of Myanmar with a perfect touch of the country`s highlight covering the landscapes, culture,
6 days

Myanmar Discovery Tour - 12 Days

Designed to capture the essence of Myanmar, this 12 days guided tour is a beautiful introduction to one of the less-visited country in the world where unspoilt natures and incredible cultural heritages attracts your sense of travel with more than
12 days

Myanmar Highlights Tour - 08 Days

Myanmar Highlights combines the most beautiful attractions of Myanmar with a perfect touch to country`s highlight covering the landscapes, culture and local hospitality. Our trip starts from the city of Yangon where the culture of Burmese, Indian and Chinese are blending
8 days

Myanmar Temples & Beach Tour - 10 Days

Myanmar Temples and Beach Tour brings you to the quintessence of our country. Embarking on this trip, you are to visit the most famous pilgrimage sites and regional hub that plays the most important part in Myanmar spiritual life. From
10 days

Charm of Myanmar Tour - 7 Days

Charm of Burma brings you to the world of Myanmar with a short trip day but unrivalled experience. The trip provide you a feeling of being amazed by the haunting temples of Bagan, exotic floating stilt villages of Inle and
7 days

Myanmar Family Holiday - 13 Days

Myanmar Family Holiday is a beautiful introduction to the country of Myanmar; allowing your family to try some great activities as mountain biking, horse riding, lake boating.. Your holiday kicks off with an interesting discovery of Yangon then heading north
13 days

Myanmar Honeymoon Tour - 7 Days

Myanmar retains a untouched beauty and mystique that creates the perfect mood for honeymooner.  A sweet time of pure indulgement  and discovery awaits for those who wish to experience a romantic and unforgettable time. From amazing pagodas, incredible heritages to
7 days

Beauty of Mandalay

The Beauty of Mandalay tour is an ultimate journey that exposes the temptation of the ancient capital at its best. From ancient capital with striking golden spires to cozy cultural touches, Mandalay impresses you with her beauty and hospitality that
4 days

Treasure of Myanmar Deluxe Tour - 11 Days

Myanmar has so much to offer . From the stunning pagodas of Bagan to the styled floating villages with one leg-rowing fishermen of Inle, from the seducing sunset in Mandalay to the untamed river of Irrawaddy, you are to immerse
11 days

Sittwe Mrauk U Discovery

The trip to Mrauk U feature a look into the past of Rakhin State, the glory of a former capital established by King Min Saw in 1431. Nowadays, Mrauk U is off all the tourist path and provide you a profound
5 days