What to Pack when travelling to Myanmar

Beside clothes, sunglasses and necessary things that you should notice while packing your luggage’s to Myanmar, we would like to make some useful reference for your trips as follow:

1.  For your camera:
– Always take some extra memory cards. You may find it difficult to buy a good memory card or authorized one in many regions.- Charger should be well-prepared. Except for Yangon, in other city, it is not easy to find one if your camera is out of batter. If you have camera that uses cell, it would be much easier.

2. For Laptops
Be sure that you have a good cover that prevent your laptop from vibration.Check your guide book about electricity of the place you will visit, some are not really convenient to fill the energy to your laptops.

3. Rain coat/ Umbrella
If you travel during rainy season, do not forget to take a rain coat with you. The rain may come very fast in Myanmar.

4. Good mosquito repellent
No matter which season you are traveling, mosquitoes are everywhere. Take a well-known repellent from your country.

5. Small Torch
Electricity cut off is very popular in some cities and countryside. Your torch should be small, self-charging.

6. Books
Personally, I find this is the best thing you should have for entertainment in Myanmar. Since the nightlife is not popular, this would enable you to spend time in this slow-pace lifestyle country.